pjäxor ATOMIC WAYMAKER R80, SKI/WALK, Grey/green, micro, macro, LIVE FIT system
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Unisex / Herr
Nybörjare / Medelåkare / Avancerad
Typ av pjäxor:
Freeride / freestyle / All mountain

The Atomic Waymaker 80 is a supreme choice for the skier in the family who's got a wider foot, or just wants a super comfortable boot. This boot has an 80 flex with a ski/walk mode for easy walking around the parking lot. The Waymaker also features an adaptable 100-104mm "Live Fit" last that will give your foot a little room to stretch, which will actually keep your toes warmer in turn. The Waymaker 80 is right in line with most intermediate to advanced skiers' needs specifically their supreme comfort, unmatched support/response and above all, their affordable price!

101mm Last LF Performance: These boots have a 101mm last but on the outside of each boot, Atomic has incorporated live fit zones that will allow the boot to expand slightly to accommodate for wider feet or just for some extra comfort.

80 Flex Index: This boot has a flex rating of 80, which is moving out of the softer-entry level boots and into the stiffer more advanced ski boots. A boot of this flex is appropriate for a wide range of skiers, from lower intermediates looking to improve to expert skiers who want a more casual flex.

Live Fit Blow Out Panel: The outside of the boot is made of hard rubber allow the foot to naturally expand while skiing, maximizing the overall comfort of the boot.

35mm strap: Wider than average strap at the top of the boot to help keep the boot together and to give good performance while skiing.

Macro adjust ladder: The tooth plate opposite the top buckles can be moved in or out for a huge range of adjustment, and to fit narrow to wide lower legs.

Micro-adjustable aluminum buckles: These aluminum buckles can be moved to adjust for size, so if the default position of the buckle and the teeth is too wide or too narrow, you can move it until it fits.

Double Canting: Two adjustment bolts, one each side of the ankle, allow for maximum adjustment for leg/knee alignment problems. The canting helps the skis stay flat on the ground while you are still bow-legged or knock-kneed.

Replaceable Toe and Heel Pads: This is a must-have for skiers that don't live in ski in/ski out condos. When your ski tech tells you that you have to buy new boots because the soles are worn down too much, just laugh at him and tell him to order you a new set of sole plates.

Free/Lock System: Lift the lever and allow the cuff to freely move, providing optimum stride. Return the lever and mechanically lock the cuff to the shell for 100% power on the descent.

Atomic ASY Comfort Liner: A lighterweight and softer version of Atomic's ASY Pro/Sport liners, the Asymmetrical Comfort liner is extremely plush and will conform to the skier's foot over time. This liner is sort of a middle ground between a rental/beginner liner and a more advanced performance liner.

Anti Slip Sole: The sole of this boot is made of a hard rubber material to prevent slipping when walking on rocky or icy terrain or simply for going down the lodge steps.