skidor ATOMIC NOMAD MAGNET, all mountain rocker, woodcore, titanium stabilizer + Atomic XTO 12
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Atomic XTO 12
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Unisex / Herr
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Slalom / All mountain / All round
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Kanterna och belaget i perfekt skick.

Atomic Nomad magnet. The whole day on the slopes? No problem with the Nomad magnet.
Features: – Arc technology for a natural curve of the ski and optimum traction cars with very little effort. Easy turn initiation and perfect edge grip of the step sidewall.



Technology is important for the Nomad line of cloud technology. This technology means that the skis have only one mounting point in the middle of the ski - Anchor Point. This allows the ski to bend like a bow, leading to perfect traction and a smooth, natural ride with less effort.


For all-mountain skiers looking for maximum versatility. Maximum support in soft snow on any terrain, convincing carving characteristics as well as stress-free sliding on the piste.


The wooden core dampens vibrations and holds the weight so that the ski can be handled comfortably, all without losing power. STEP DOWN SIDEWALL WOODCORE 2.0 TI The semi-shell construction in the area of ​​the toe and heel of the ski protects the ski from mechanical damage, the sidewall construction in the area of ​​the binding improves cushioning and shock absorption, thus improving edge grip. The wooden core along the entire length of the ski together with the titanium insert gives the ski a stunning sporty and dynamic character.


Key features · Great to use skis · ARC technology · Universal All-mountain skis · Designed for intermediate skiers · Purpose: 70% treated, 30% untreated surface · Supplied including bindings Suitable for downhill and off-piste These downhill skis fall into the category All - mountain, ie in the category offering skis, with which you can enjoy the morning men and the afternoon unpaved slopes.

Thanks to this, they are great for skiers who want to ride off-piste. So if you require universal skis, especially for the Slovak mountains, skis from Atomic will be the right choice. They give you confidence Atomic Nomad Magnets are equipped with a binding attachment with ARC technology, which transfers all energy to one central point.

Thanks to this, the ski is able to bend very easily and naturally. It adapts perfectly to different types of terrain and you can control it even with less force. That's why these skis are great for less experienced skiers who are not sure about their technique. Great skis at a great price The special solid construction of the Sidewall Step Down 2.0 creates a perfect combination of flex, durability and vibration absorption, making it easier to cut the ski into the piste surface.

The core are made of wood. Compared to the foam core, it better dampens vibrations and holds the weight so that the skis can be handled more easily without this resulting in a decrease in performance. Slightly raised toes by 3 mm ensure a smoother fit of the curve and increase the rotation of the ski.